Thursday, 12 February 2015


I'm starting this blog principally as an on-going way to document what I've learned about working with Penn State's Galaxy platform for data intensive biomedical research. Part of my current role involves supporting a number of Galaxy instances at the University of Manchester, which includes the set up, maintenance and administration of Galaxy for teaching and research. I also do some development of new tools within the Galaxy framework, in collaboration with local bioinformaticians and researchers. For want of a better term I am a "galactic engineer"; and given this focus I expect that my posts will be more technical than scientific.

I love Galaxy: it's a great platform supported by talented developers and a friendly and active community, and we have benefited from deploying it locally both for research and training. However I find it can sometimes be tricky to keep up with "best practice" as Galaxy continues to evolve- especially given the limited time I have to spend on it alongside other things. So while this blog is primarily for my own benefit (and the information is likely to go out of date over time) I hope that it might still be of use to others out there like me in their own efforts to set up and use Galaxy.

Finally, a disclaimer: all opinions, mistakes and misapprehensions are my own!

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